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Hands on: O2 iPhone, officially this time

You've been waiting for it for almost a year and at long last the O2 iPhone is here. What are you waiting for, Mac fanboys? Grab your apple-shaped piggy banks and start queuing

A couple of days ago we were lucky enough to get our hands on a UK demo iPhone -- but now we have the official 8GB model and we'd thought we'd let you have another look at this year's most talked-about product.

Inside the box you get an 8GB iPhone, UK power adaptor, instruction manual, cleaning cloth, headphones with built-in hands-free, a USB cable and a docking station so you can stand it up on your desk and let other people admire it.

The storage space on the iPhone is actually 7.3GB rather than 8GB, due to some of the space being used up by the operating system. You'll also notice that the UK iPhone runs the latest firmware, version 1.1.2.

So far the only difference we can see between this firmware version and the last is support for European keyboard layouts.

Typing on the iPhone takes practice, and Apple advises that you try using one finger first before you use two thumbs. The predictive text mode works well, but we're still not sure this is as easy as using a mechanical keyboard.

When you press down on certain letters, the iPhone will pop up variants of it, which is particularly useful if you text in different languages but want to keep a UK keyboard layout.

Aside from the iPhone's Web browser, one of the most magnetic features seems to be Google Maps. Everyone in the office kept creeping over to have a look at their house on the iPhone.

At the moment you can only buy an 8GB iPhone, but we're pretty sure there'll be a 16GB iPhone out at some point. Make sure to keep checking for more news and views on the iPhone, or if you want even more info, here's our full review.