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'Handmaid's Tale' season 2 photos look bloody terrifying

If you thought life in Gilead was bad, just wait until the Golden Globe Award-winning show gets to the Colonies.

"The Handmaid's Tale" isn't getting any cheerier, at least not based on photos Hulu released on Friday.

One photo shows Elisabeth Moss, who stars as Offred, her neck and shoulder drenched in blood. From her calm face, however, it would appear these are someone else's vital fluids.


Elisabeth Moss just won a Golden Globe for her role as Offred.

Take Five/Hulu

Another shows a group of women trudging through an empty rural field, guarded by a man on horseback. We're assuming this represents the Colonies, the now-poisoned areas of the country where disobedient Handmaids are sent as punishment. Showrunner Bruce Miller confirmed to Entertainment Weekly the new season will explore life in those wastelands.


Disobedient Handmaids are punished by being sent to the Colonies.

Take Five/Hulu

But perhaps the most striking image shows what appears to be a Handmaid's funeral (we can guess whose...). The Handmaids' red gowns look striking cloaked in funeral black.

"Everything from the design of their costumes to the way they look is so chilling," Miller told EW. "These scenes that are so beautiful, while set in such a terrible place, provide the kind of contrast that makes me happy."


The Handmaids attend a funeral in the new season.


"The Handmaid's Tale" won two Golden Globe awards last week, for best television drama, and best actress in a television drama for Moss. Season two will come to Hulu sometime in April.