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Handle hot cake pans with care

The Cake Pan Gripper lets you take hold of any pan in your oven, whether or not it has a handle.

The Cake Pan Gripper Fantes

Some pans are easy to get out of the oven: they have handles that can be easily gripped with potholders. But there are others--especially cake pans--that have no handles. It seems like you're expected to magically move them in and out of the oven without even touching the pan. The Cake Pan Gripper can take hold of those pans a little easier, however. It grips the edge of a pan, without deflating the tops of high-rising cakes. The heat-resistant gripper latches on to the lip of a pan, letting you lift it out of the oven. If you're dealing with a particularly big cake, it may not handle the full weight of your baked good, but it will at least let you slide your cake out of the oven to the point where you can get a oven mitt under the pan.

The Cake Pan Gripper is made from a heat-resistant plastic and is spring-loaded so you can grip and release pans easily. It has an indentation in the grip that will accommodate most rolled or protruding edges. The grip is designed to allow you to hold it like you might hold a pair of scissors. The Cake Pan Gripper is $14.99.