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Handheld 3D scanner for only $40,000

The ZScanner makes reverse engineering a snap

ZScanner in action

Because of a few small details like trademark infringement and copyright violations, it's not often that you see a company boasting about its efficiency in reverse engineering. But that's one function that OhGizmo points out about this handheld 3D scanner from Z Corp.

"Reverse Engineering: Speed, accuracy and ease-of-use for aftermarket product design" is one of the company's bullet points about the ZScanner 700. Not that there's anything necessarily illegal about it. As the Web site points out, the scanner can be used for such worthy functions as medical education, digital archiving, and computer animation. And we can definitely see the "speed and ease" part of the ZScanner, which is essentially and point-and-shoot device that can make a 3D model out of any physical object.

Which, by the way, explains its price: $39,900. But combined with this $20,000 3D printer, you can get a whole set-up for less than $60,000. We're going to wait to see if Costco has a package special.

(Photos: Z Corp.)