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HandAble: Avoid a smartphone death grip

A 78-year-old inventor hatches an accessory concept to keep his phone from slipping out of his hands and takes it from failed Kickstarter project to actual market launch.

HandAble lets you cling to your smartphone for dear life. HandAble

As smartphones get smaller, flatter, sleeker, and shinier, they also get harder to hold onto. The HandAble holder is one way to avoid developing a smartphone death grip.

The accessory market is a crowded one, but HandAble is just clever enough and simple enough to warrant a look. It attaches to the back of the phone and consists of a retractable disk that you slip your fingers under, keeping the phone snug against your hand.

HandAble colors
HandAble in its natural environment. HandAble

HandAble is the brain child of Aaron Block, a 78-year-old inventor. The accessory was originally a Kickstarter project, but one that failed to reach its funding goal. An unfunded Kickstarter project doesn't mean the idea has to die. HandAble is proof of that.

Just about any smartphone is a good candidate for HandAble, but it can also be used on tablets like the iPad. It attaches with an adhesive disk that's removable for when you get a new phone.

The HandAble will put you back $19.95. That's a little pricey for a tiny accessory, but cheaper than replacing a constantly dropped phone. You can spice up the look with an interchangeable dome set in five different colors for $7.95.