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Hand mixer and stand mixer all in one

The Kalorik Convertible Hand & Stand Mixer has the ability to operate as two separate appliances.

Two mixers in one. Kalorik

Can't decide between a hand mixer and a stand mixer? No problem, because now you can have both. If you are a fan of combination appliances, you are really going to like appliances that take the concept even one-step further. The Kalorik Convertible Hand and Stand Mixer isn't your ordinary combination appliance. Instead, this device opts to share the main motor drive, in effect creating two kitchen essentials. The mixing unit mounts on a base, securely creating a stand mixer complete with a 3-quart work bowl.

When set up for use as a stand mixer, the stainless steel bowl automatically rotates, making it easy to incorporate ingredients. The five-speed mixing unit is capable of working together dry ingredients or stepping it up to make whipped cream. A turbo function, which is activated at the press of a button, is also included and works at any speed setting. Not only are standard chrome-plated beaters included, but also two dough hooks also come with the machine, further enhancing the use of this appliance.

Measuring 11.5-inches tall with a base of 8-inches by 9.5-inches, the counter top machine doesn't take up much room. The 200-watt machine might not be the most powerful option available, but if this combination appliance inspires one to try new recipes, the trade-off may be well worth it.