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Hamilton Beach brews up easy morning coffee

The Hamilton Beach Easy Access Coffeemaker Model 46201 incorporates several features designed to facilitate with the morning brew.

Easy to work with--even in the morning. Hamilton Beach

Even though breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, it is not the most important offering of the kitchen--at least not first thing in the morning. Before the question of bacon, eggs, cereal, or even yogurt can be considered, the real star of the kitchen must first be given its proper respect: coffee. Without coffee, none of the other things fall into place--or at least their undertaking becomes much more difficult. So, if there is one thing in the kitchen that deserves, no necessitates, easy accessibility, that would be the coffeemaker.

The Hamilton Beach Easy Access Coffeemaker Model 46201 understands the importance placed upon coffee, and gives you the opportunity to navigate the morning brewing ritual while on autopilot. A swivel base lets you spin the coffeemaker in place, allowing for easy access to the removable water reservoir at the back of the unit. Taken straight to the tap, the reservoir can easily be filled with water with no need to wrestle the coffeemaker from under the cupboard. Ground coffee can then be placed in the brew basket, which is accessible directly from the front of the unit.

For those that find even the simplest tasks in the morning to be difficult, don't worry, the coffeemaker can be programmed. But just in case you forget to set it the night before, take comfort in the fact that the morning does not have to be spent struggling with the coffeemaker.

The Hamilton Beach Easy Access Coffeemaker Model 46201 will be available July 2010.