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Halo 5's Forge Tools come to PC in September alongside new content for Xbox One

Here's what you need to know about the big Halo 5 announcements today.

Microsoft made some big Halo 5: Guardians announcements today, the first of which is that the game's Forge tools will be released for Windows 10 PCs on September 8. Also, that's the date that the next downloadable content for the Xbox One version, Anvil's Legacy, will arrive, adding new maps, weapons, and more.

Halo 5's Forge tools for PC support higher resolution (4K) than Xbox One, while users can also host and play custom matches for up to 16 players. However, there is no matchmaking support. Additionally, Halo 5's Forge tools on PC come with the new file browser, which will let players find creations made on PC and Xbox One.

The file browser is also coming to Xbox One in September as part of the Anvil's Legacy update. Like the PC version, it will let you find and install creations made on either platform. There is no cross-play between Xbox One and PC, however, as PC is limited to custom games.

343 Industries

Anvil's Legacy also adds new maps, including Mercy (Arena) and Temple (Warzone). Additionally, the expansion introduces three new weapons (one of which is the Magnum pictured above; see them all here), as well as new sound-dampener attachments, and weapon and armor skins, among other things.

Lastly, Microsoft said it will announce a new Halo app for Windows 10 Thursday, August 24. We'll bring you all the details on this tomorrow when it's announced.

Halo 5's other expansions included The Battle of Shadow and Light (November), Cartographer's Gift (December), Infinity's Armor (January), Hammer Storm (February), Ghosts of Meridian (April), Memories of Reach (May), Hog Wild (May), and Warzone Firefighter (June).