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Halo 5 won't reveal Master Chief's face

Chief will keep his helmet on for the entirety of the campaign.

Halo fans hoping that Halo 5: Guardians will be the game to finally unmask Master Chief and show his real face are out of luck. Halo 5 creative director Tim Longo said during an appearance this week at Microsoft Canada's X15 event that Chief will keep his helmet on for the duration of the game.

"I actually don't even know if I can talk about that," Longo said, as reported by Gamerant. "He doesn't take his helmet off."

The 2012 live-action Halo 4 launch trailer, directed by "Fight Club"and "The Social Network"'s David Fincher, offered a glimpse at the boy who became Chief, but never fully unveiled his adult face. The closest fans have come to seeing John-117's face was through the "Legendary" ending for Halo 4's campaign.


People who beat the game on that extra-difficult setting were treated to a special video in which part of Chief's face flashes onscreen for a brief moment. Above is a freeze-frame of what's seen in the video.

Halo 5 launches on October 27 exclusively for Xbox One. Microsoft recently confirmed that the game will not have a Big Team Battle multiplayer mode at launch. The company has also partnered with video game clothing company Musterbrand for a new "Halo Collection" line dedicated to the shooter series.

Do you think Microsoft will ever reveal Chief's face in full? Share your thoughts in the comments below.