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Hot Halloween getups mapped: Why is Pennsylvania so into giraffes?

With Google's Frightgeist interactive map and nationwide listing of popular costume searches, you've got a frighteningly good chance of choosing well this October 31.

At a lost for a Halloween costume? Google's Frightgeist will help you be as popular -- or unpopular -- as you want.

Screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

Thinking of heading to a party around Salisbury, Maryland, this Halloween? If so, don a pair of fairy wings if you want to fit in. Going to be in Casper, Wyoming? A pair of mouse ears and a skirt will make you feel at home with all the other Minnie Mouses. If your Halloween travels take you to Fayetville, Arkansas, however, be prepared to travel back in time, as people there seem captivated with costumes from the 1990s.

These are the bits of information you can glean from clicking around the map on Google's Frightgeist website. The site was created using Google Trends, the arm of the search giant that analyzes what we're all searching for on the Internet.

"With Frightgeist," Google says on the site, "we went on a hunt to find the most popular costumes. Pulling from the top 500 costume searches in the United States, Frightgeist uses Google Trends to tell you what's trending at a costume party near you and help you find a costume that's sure to turn heads -- if they have them."

While the map can certainly capture your attention for a bit -- you'll notice a strange trend toward pirate costumes in the southeast and wonder why the people in Altoona, Pennsylvania, are so into giraffes, for example -- you can also click on the site's "trending nationally" tab to get a list of the top costume searches across the country. Right now in the No. 1 spot is Harley Quinn from DC Comics, followed by Star Wars costumes and a more nebulous search for "superheroes."

While you can use the site to fit in, you can also take advantage of the list to avoid being just another minion (currently No. 8). For example, go as Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games" and you're unlikely to have a lot of competition, as she's currently occupying spot No. 499 on the list. If you want something a little more masculine, dressing up like a Spartan should help you stand out (in more ways than one), as they're currently defending the 500th spot.

The site also has a search feature, so you can see exactly where the costume you're considering falls in the ranking. There's also a "surprise me" feature, which is great if you have absolutely no idea what to be this Halloween. It made me consider Lady Gaga, who, the site says, "I have a shockingly low chance" of running into at a Halloween party. I have an equally shockingly low chance of pulling off the costume, so it's back to the Frightgeist, I guess.

What about you? Where does your costume fit in? Let us know in the comments below.