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Halloween contact lenses make you see red (and orange)

Lenses in more than 130 styles will make you look like a zombie, wild animal, or overall freaky person.

The aptly named "Ouch" lenses give you that striking blood-filled-eye look. has quite the extensive collection of special-effects contact lenses for All Hallow's Eve this year--more than 130 styles to make you look like a zombie, wild animal, or overall freaky person.

The site says all of its Halloween lenses are FDA-approved, which somehow has us imagining FDA scientists gathered around a conference table, debating the safety of, say, the Banshee, Darth, and Psycho models over the Risen-Dead, Sith, and LeStat lenses.

All styles are available in prescription power, as well as plano (no corrective power), so you don't have to compromise your eyesight to look like a woodland orc. They cost anywhere from $35 a lens to $215 a lens for the sclera models, large diameter lenses that cover all or most of the eye for that extra-creepy effect.

Coastal Contacts notes that while its custom-made lenses will make you spookier for Halloween, some people may opt to wear them year-round. The site says many people like the bright blue Angelic lenses for a more everyday look, though we warn you: they may have people wondering if your mother mated with a peacock.

Of course, we tend to agree that these lenses could have uses beyond Halloween. Pop in the Flames, for example, and your boss will have a really hard time not believing you have a high fever and need to go home early.