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'Hackproof' Quasar IV Android smartphone gets the go-ahead

A company claiming to make the most secure smartphone software on the market announces that it's on schedule to make the phones for real.

QSAlpha Quasar IV
The self-funded Quasar IV "ciperphone" promises to rebuff hackers. QSAlpha

Remember the self-funded high-end smartphone with an approach to security so strong, it promises to rebuff data thieves? Well, startup QSAlpha announced on Wednesday that its Quasar IV Android smartphone is now going into production.

What's more, the company reveals that its manufacturing partner is "one of the world's largest consumer electronics OEM manufacturers."

My instinct says this mystery partner is Samsung, based on the company's interest in security through its Samsung Knox product, and in Samsung's willingness to take risks with unique and niche products, like the deeply curved Samsung Galaxy Round, Samsung Galaxy Golden Android flip phone, and even the Samsung Galaxy Note series, which the company has turned into a successful line.

Although QSAlpha has a prototype phone to show off, it isn't the hardware the company is most concerned in selling. Instead, it's QSAlpha's secure take on Android that will be this mobile security company's bread and butter.

QSAlpha says it will ship the high-end smartphone -- which will include Android 4.3, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 13-megapixel camera -- sometime in 2014. Read all about the Quasar IV here.