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Hackers make off with Apple usernames and passwords

Digital thieves have done a runner with a handful of Apple usernames and passwords. Could a more serious whupping be on the cards?

Hackers have posted online a list of 27 usernames and passwords obtained from an Apple website. The move suggests Jobs and co could be next in line for a serious whupping from digital baddies.

The information was posted to text-sharing website PasteBin with the title 'not yet serious', and linked to on Twitter by notorious hacker group Anonymous, which said: "Not being so serious... Apple could be target too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere."

It's not known whether Anonymous was responsible for the breach, but its words certainly suggest that Apple could be a future target.

While Sony and Nintendo have both fallen prey to hacks in recent months, Apple -- arguably the highest-profile target in the tech world -- has thus far been left untouched.

A sustained attack on the scale of the PlayStation Network assault in April could be catastrophic. We're imagining the App Store offline for a month, iCloud spilling personal data all over the shop, and iPhones becoming sentient and turning against their masters.

This hacking lark is becoming serious business -- LulzSec recently disbanded after penetrating the FBI's defences, and some of its members were absorbed into Anonymous.

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