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Hackers find simple workaround for Samsung Vibrant GPS issues

The latest Android phone from T-Mobile has been found to have GPS issues. Thankfully, some clever hackers have found a simple solution.

Samsung Vibrant CNET

A handful of Samsung Vibrant users are finding that they are less than thrilled with the handset's GPS performance. Some are reporting that the Vibrant takes a long time to lock onto a signal, and others are complaining that the phone incorrectly displays their location.

With so many apps reliant on GPS, it could quickly become a pain point for users. Fortunately, the clever hackers at XDA-developers have found a rather easy solution. The workaround only takes a few minutes to complete and doesn't require a rocket scientist.

Like many smartphones and their respective issues, these could be very isolated incidents. I would imagine Samsung and T-Mobile are already working on a maintenance release to address this situation. It's not uncommon to see a smartphone pick up a minor update shortly after its release. Thousands of real-world users can often uncover issues that slipped by in the internal testing process.

Have you picked up a Samsung Vibrant yet? Are you experiencing issues with the GPS?