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Hackers find security flaws in 'Mr. Robot' website

White hat hackers found vulnerabilities in the website for the TV series that could have exposed user data.

USA Network's "Mr. Robot", a show about a hacker uncovering corporate corruption, has been praised for its realistic depictions of hacking, but that savvy hasn't quite spilled over into the real world. When the "Who is Mr Robot" website launched in preparation for the second season (you can watch the newly launched trailer above), Forbes reported, a white hat hacker by the name of Zemnmez found a cross-site scripting flaw that could have exposed Facebook users completing a quiz on the website.

A second flaw, found by a hacker by the name of corenumb, left the site vulnerable to blind SQL injection, which allows data to be stolen from the website's database. Both hackers notified NBC Universal, which has since patched the flaws.