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Hackers attack pro-China site

The mass Web site defacement attack that began last Sunday may have claimed a high-profile victim in China. The People's Daily newspaper has reported that Web site seemed to have been knocked out for three days by a flooding denial-of-service (DOS) attack. The site is now back online.

Fang Xingdong, founder of the Web site, was quoted as saying that the attack was provoked by his outspoken attacks on online porn. The People's Daily also hinted that there was a political edge to the attack, as Fang's past diatribes have been aimed at "leading Chinese search engines." Fang is described in the report as "an Internet critic known in China for his encyclopedic knowledge of China's Web industry." He has been known to take a pro-China stance in editorials, such as blasting Microsoft for the high prices it charges for products in China.

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