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Hackers attack HP, Compaq, others

A group of Internet vandals, calling themselves Sm0ked Crew, defaces the Web sites of technology giants across the globe.

SINGAPORE--A group of Internet vandals calling themselves Sm0ked Crew has hit the Web sites of technology giants such as Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer, Gateway and Intel.

Other victims include AltaVista and Disney's

Late Wednesday,, an independent organization that records hacking incidents, reported that Sm0ked Crew had defaced HP's e-learning site, a Compaq Europe, Middle East and Africa page, and one of Alta Vista's shopping sites.

When contacted, a Singapore-based HP spokeswoman said she could not provide further details on the hacking.

Compaq Asia-Pacific spokesman Choy Boon Yew confirmed that the defaced site belonged to its EMEA business unit.

"Our corporate office has identified and isolated the site...further investigations are being carried out. From our initial understanding, this is an extremely minor site. We have checked all our major sites, and they are in perfect condition," Choy said in an e-mail response Wednesday evening.

Wednesday morning, the affected HP and Compaq sites still carried a message from the hackers: "Admin, You just got Sm0ked. This site was hacked by Sm0ked crew. Hacked by splurge and The-Rev. Greetz dislexik, nouse, system33r, italguy, B_Real and anyone I forgot,"

Last December, HP Hong Kong's Web site was defaced by another group called "antihackerlink" with the message: "The Satan of Bill is Here!"

AltaVista spokeswoman Tracy Roberts acknowledged that one of the company's sites had been hacked but could not provide further details.

According to an report Tuesday, Sm0ked Crew had hacked into a server belonging to Intel, which provides Web access to product support documents.

"A server linked to was hacked in the morning of February 13 in the U.S.," Intel Asia spokeswoman Wendy Toh confirmed in an e-mail.

"The server has been removed from our network, and we are working to restore the service in the next few hours," she said, claiming that there was "no confidential, financial or Intel employee information on this site...there was also no business impact."

"Intel is currently investigating the incident, and we're not prepared to discuss specifics," Toh added.

Sm0ked Crew left this message for Intel: "Owned by sm0ked crew. The-Rev gives another admin a nice headache. Greets to DownKaos - ApocalypseDow - datagram - gM - blachz - B_Real - pimpshiz. Intel is blocking my HTML transfer so no pretty webpage, sorry. Questions, e-mail me at Hi Blackdog."

Apart from the hackings, the defaced HP, Compaq, AltaVista and Intel sites had another thing in common--the operating system in question was Windows NT and the Web server IIS/4.0.

Microsoft was not immediately available for comment.

According to, Sm0ked Crew also defaced the following sites in February: CompUSA, Louisiana State University Medical Center, Taipei City Government, Terra Lycos, Board of Foreign Trade (Taiwan), and University of South Florida.

CNET Singapore's Fran Foo and Nawaz Marican reported from Singapore.