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Hacker worries raise hackles

Virginia school says intruders stole personal data of thousands. Also: Tool could make Google hacking easier. Critical Windows fix on the way

Virginia school says intruders stole personal data of thousands. Also: Google hacking gets easier and security firm raises warning on IE flaw.

Hackers steal ID info from Virginia university

Thousands of students, faculty and staff at George Mason University learn their personal information was downloaded by online intruders.
January 10, 2005

McAfee automates Google hacking

Web sites can check whether info about their security is on Google. But is the service a security tool or a hacking helper?
January 10, 2005

Cell phone virus turns up the heat

Lasco.A, the latest malicious program aimed at Symbian-based handsets, can spread via both wireless and file attachments.
January 10, 2005

IE flaw threat hits the roof

Danger rating of three Internet Explorer flaws is raised to the highest level by Secunia after exploit code is published.
January 7, 2005

Critical Windows fix on the way

Next week's patches will carry a maximum rating of "critical," Microsoft says in its advance advisory notice.
January 7, 2005

Firefox flaw raises phishing fears

Malicious hackers could exploit the bug to spoof a legitimate URL, security experts warn.
January 7, 2005

Firefox: When is a flaw not a flaw?

TalkBack Fans and critics of the open-source browser give their two cents on reports of a phishing flaw.
January 7, 2005

Mobile Trojan launches Skulls attack

A flashier offshoot of the Trojan horse that affects Symbian-based cell phones has been discovered.
Photo: Flashing skulls
January 6, 2005

Hackers step up search for unpatched servers

Companies that have not patched servers against the Windows Internet Naming Service flaw need to act fast, according to a security site.
January 5, 2005

eBay fights back against phishers

Auction company sets up free, private mail service in attempt to derail scam artists using its good name.
January 4, 2005