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Watch a hacked Nintendo Power Glove control a quadcopter

A creator repurposes Nintendo's failed 1989 glove controller accessory to control a drone in flight.

The poor old Nintendo Power Glove may not have been particularly good at its intended purpose as a controller for the NES, but computer engineering graduate Nolan Moore has been able to make it great. As he said on his Hackaday project page, "The ultimate goal of the Power Glove UHID project is to revamp the 1989 Nintendo Power Glove with modern sensors and wireless communication, giving you the ability to use gesture and motion controls with almost anything you can think of, in style."

He's modified it to control a drone, ripping out the glove's original electronics and putting in his own, and just by moving his hand, he's able to make the drone do what he wants via Wi-Fi. Holding his hand flat makes the drone hover, while tilted fist tells the drone to tilt and roll in the same direction. Pointing up and down controls the altitude, and pointing forwards and tilting controls yaw.