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Hack your digital picture frame, for a price

RedPost's "Sign Beta" frame is customizable but pricey at $599.


As fellow Craver Leonard Goh observed the other day, anything and everything is subject to hacking these days, including firmware for cameras. So it seems fitting that this open-source spirit be extended to digital picture frames as well.

RedPost has answered that call with "Sign Beta," a hackable Linux frame that succeeds the original released last year. But rather than just display photos, Technbob says, the new model is designed "to replace wasteful paper-covered bulletin boards with an electronic version."

To wit, it's faster and has four times as much memory (1GB) to run "Wicker," its custom version of Ubuntu Linux. With its Wi-Fi connection, Technabob says it can display "pretty much anything that can run in Firefox" on its 19-inch LCD mounted on a brushed aluminum case. That is, if you're willing to pay $599 for it.