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Hack an airplane? Researchers reveal new security concerns

Upcoming hacking conferences shine a light on the state of cybersecurity. Researchers will present hacking risks with USB drives and fitness trackers, and aircraft systems via in-flight Wi-Fi.

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In this tech-news roundup, learn about a few of the latest cybersecurity concerns. Black Hat and Def Con, two of the largest hacking conferences, are about to kick off in Las Vegas. Security researchers will present data on new vulnerabilities, such as how a USB flash drive can be turned "bad" and pose as another device to infect a computer. Not only is this method undetectable by anti-virus software, but it's extremely hard to repair, according to SRLabs.

Fitness trackers are also under the security microscope. Symantic published a paper on how more needs to be done to protect the personal data being collected from fitness-tracking gadgets and smartphone apps.

But the hacking presentation that will get the most attention comes from cybersecurity researcher Ruben Santamarta. He reports there is a way to hack into an aircraft's communications system using the in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment system. Let's hope this helps manufacturers quickly patch any potential problems.

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Hack an airplane? Researchers reveal new security concerns