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Guy's Christmas Shopping: Stupidly expensive LCD

With nothing left to spend from his Crave bank account, Guy has to beg Santa for the ultimate Christmas gift this year. There's no other way he'll afford Sharp's ultimate, 65-inch LCD TV

I get to see most new gadgets as they pass through the office, but some things you can only touch at trade shows, and even then some security guard is watching over you, ready to break your arms if you look suspicious. There have been a couple of examples this year -- the best home projector I've ever seen in the £20,000 Sony Qualia, and the tasteless but extremely limited solid-gold Sony PSP case spring to mind.

But as I'm about to head home to spend two solid weeks in front of the Xbox 360, my ideal Christmas present would have to be this monster 65-inch LCD TV from Sharp. This Aquos is not only stupidly expensive at around £15,000, but it's fully high-definition, 1080p ready. Basically, it'll produce the best quality high-definition video when it becomes available next year. In fact, it's such high quality that Sky's HD service won't even be compatible with it -- we'll have to wait for the dual-HDMI equipped PlayStation 3 for that.

The sheer scale of a 65-inch LCD can be measured up in the picture opposite, where I'm standing next to the TV in Berlin -- probably about the closest I'll ever get to owning one. I'm only a small chap, but you get the idea of its imposing size, and somehow Sharp has made its pictures look as good as they do at 32 inches. And while it's true that Samsung has made a massive 102-inch plasma, it's neither commercially available nor as good as the Sharp when it comes to picture quality, plus it's impractical for nearly every house. Still, if Samsung wanted to send one over, I'm sure we could find a little niche for it. -Guy Cocker

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