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Guy Kawasaki on 'Enchantment' (podcast)

Larry Magid talks with Guy Kawasaki about "Enchantment," which is both the subject and title of his new book.

Guy Kawasaki holds up Enchante, the custom origami butterfly on the cover of his new book. Larry Magid

Guy Kawasaki is best known as the evangelist at Apple who helped spread the gospel about the new Macintosh back when it was launched in 1984. He's also a prolific writer, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur. His latest venture is, which his book jacket describes as "an online magazine rack of popular topics on the Web."

Kawasaki's recent book, "Enchantment," is sort of a book for entrepreneurs and people whose job it is to promote products, but it's also a manual for achieving a positive outcome in any type of relationship. It's not about manipulating people but about how to enchant them. At 211 pages, it's a quick read and, as you'll find out when you listen to the podcast, Kawasaki has personally mastered chapter 2: "How to Achieve Likeability."

In this 18-minute interview, Kawasaki talks about the book, his early career at Apple, and how to enchant.

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