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Guts galore: Zune gets splayed

Microsoft tears down a Zune and lets us take an extended peek at its innards.

CNET Networks/Jasmine France

Earlier this week, Microsoft lured me and a handful of other tech journalists up to the Redmond campus with promises of Zune announcements and delicious, catered food. I would be lying if I said I wasn't just slightly more excited by the latter part of that guarantee. Seriously, I had the best chocolate-chip cookie of my life up there, but I digress. While stuffing visiting press silly, Microsoft also treated us to a variety of sessions led by everyone from Zune executives to engineers. Clearly, the software updates announced at the end of the day were the highlight, but the first half of the day wasn't entirely without merit. I got to see a Zune (two, actually) dissected into its many parts. It's always fun to see MP3 player innards on display, don't you think? I hope so, because I took plenty of photos for you and gussied 'em up with gory technical details. Go ahead and ogle; I won't judge.