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'Guitar Hero' truck sighted in New York City

Microsoft puts newly available video game on a cross-country tour

Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Last week, the Guitar Hero truck was on the streets of San Francisco. This Saturday, it was spotted across the country in Manhattan's crowded Union Square, outside the Virgin Megastore.

(For the sake of environmental awareness and fuel efficiency, I hope it wasn't actually the same truck.)

The truck is equipped with giant video screens and speakers so that random passersby can participate in the wildly successful video game that, as I'm sure you know already, lets you rip it up to the tune of classic, and not-as-classic, rock songs from artists ranging from Cheap Trick to the Donnas.

So why is a moving van making random stops in U.S. cities and encouraging people to dork out to "Sweet Child O' Mine?" It's a Microsoft-backed effort to promote the availability of the Guitar Hero II game for its Xbox 360 console. No word on where the trucks will be headed next--so keep an eye out for 'em.