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'Guitar Hero' mashup with DS is on the way

Nintendo's handheld will be packaged with a special add-on grip.


Despite our initial skepticism, that DS Lite mashup with a "Guitar Grip" attached to it apparently is a reality that's headed for store shelves this summer. As pictured here, Nintendo will release a special edition in silver and black with the Guitar Hero logo emblazoned on the cover, according to Engadget.

The information purportedly came from a Toys 'R' Us page that disclosed timing (June 29) and price ($180) for the package, which will include the game and the grip, as well as the DS. (That page was not available as of this writing, but perhaps it was just premature or a marketing ploy to leak the info for maximum exposure.)

Either way, we'll be curious to see how those weird frets work. Then again, they can't be any stranger than other virtual guitars out there.