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Guinness submarine sets sail for an underwater pint

To celebrate its 250th anniversary, Guinness has set sail with a bar in a custom-built submarine. No, really.

Up pour-iscope! To celebrate its 250th anniversary, Guinness has set sail with a bar in a submarine. No, really. A pubmarine, if you will.

Lucky winners of a competition got to play submariner aboard the Guinness mini-sub, which is constructed from glass-reinforced plastic and contains a working bar inside.

That's enough space for lucky competition-winner Evelyne Gridelet and friends to down a drop of the black stuff as they headed down into the deep blue sea, navigating their way to the depths of the Baltic around the Stockholm Archipelago in Sweden. Sink while you drink!

The seating and tables inside the 11m2 custom-built sub are formed of rubber bubbles, some set with LEDs and some acting as cupholders for your seagoing stout. We imagine the bar is limited to Guinness -- but even if you do fancy something else, whatever you do, don't order a depth charge.

The contest was called Alive inside -- which no doubt came as a relief to all involved. The sub was crafted by British designers Jump Studios and engineer Nicholas Alexander to capture the feeling of being "immersed in a dynamic, flowing experience".

After a few pints of the black stuff I tend to find myself immersed in a dynamic, flowing experience, but that's another story.

It's been 250 years since Arthur Guinness opened the famous St James' Gate Brewery in Dublin, signing a 9,000-year lease. Blimey -- he really did believe that good things come to those who wait.

Other famous names looking to take a bath include Richard Branson and his Virgin Oceanic sub, which he's using to explore the deepest depth of the Earth's five oceans in the next two years.

Would you combine pub and sub? What company deserves its own vehicle? Pour me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page. Sláinte!