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Guess the crazy price of Captain America's shield

With "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hitting theaters soon, it's time to look at the real-life price tag for turning Steve Rogers into a superhero.

Captain America
The Captain strikes a pose with his trusty shield. Marvel Studios

Living the superhero life doesn't come cheap. Batman's toys are said to cost $2.8 million for all that Bat-gear. Now, Movieclips Trailers on YouTube has crunched the numbers for Captain America and found taxpayers would have to pick up quite a substantial bill in order to outfit the First Avenger.

It all starts with the initial super-soldier project, which is estimated to cost about $30,000, including the salaries of the geniuses who worked on it. This figure is based on historic numbers, using Albert Einstein's annual salary as a benchmark for what brilliant scientists were paid back in the day.

Captain America's shield, however, presents some challenges. The biggest issue is that it's made from vibranium, a substance that is entirely fictional. It is said to come from Africa and cost $10,000 per gram, according to an issue of The Fantastic Four. Marvel's official weight for the Captain's shield is 12 pounds. Put it all together and you get a shield that costs over $54 million.

Movieclips goes on to rack up the cost of Rogers' uniform, handgun, and salary. It also ventures into the expensive grocery bills a superhero with a high metabolism would shell out. Let's just say it's a substantial part of his yearly salary.

Despite the rather outrageous price tag for Captain America, the world is getting a pretty good deal. It's either pay for the equipment, or get destroyed by the forces of evil. When you look at it that way, Captain America is a bargain.