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Guerrilla lighting: Mooninites 2.0?

Urban art in London goes for the colorful lights.

Switched On London

A group called "Switched On London" is trying out a cool new public art concept that's called "guerrilla lighting." Designed to raise "awareness of the power of lighting," guerrilla lighting involves a team creating "transient lighting designs" using various luminescent devices and color filters. They set it up, switch the lights on simultaneously when they hear the signal of an air horn, and photograph the lights. Then they turn 'em off and move on. The results, as this photo shows, are quite lovely. Why is all the cool stuff only in the U.K.? (For some cool stateside luminescence, however, check out LASER Tag.)

I'm sure it'll work fine in London, and people will appreciate its aesthetic value. But don't try "guerrilla lighting" in Boston. They don't take too kindly to that stuff.

(Via Table of Malcontents)