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Gucci's liquid wood sunglasses can biodegrade

The Italian fashion label dreams up eco-friendly glasses made out of a biodegradable superwood.

In some ways, liquid wood stands as a must-needed successor to plastic, especially since it doesn't require petroleum to produce, and manufacturers can shape it in nearly any way through injection molding. Gucci

Plastic shades seem so passe, compared to Gucci's new liquid wood sunglasses.

The Italian high-end fashion giant worked with sunglasses manufacturer Safilo to create the "green" glasses, which sport a frame made of material never used before in production eyewear: liquid wood, a renewable plastic of sorts that actually consists of biodegradable wood fiber, resins, and the polymer lignin.

As for aesthetics, the semi-matte black frame contains a gray lens made of mineral glass, and Gucci used recycled metal for the hinges and small metal rings along the sides.

Gucci's liquid wood glasses remain prototypes for now, but the company hinted at a "future release." We put a query in with Gucci about potential availability and pricing, but a representative did not immediately respond with a comment.

(Via Designboom)