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Groot stars in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Super Bowl trailer

Super Bowl teams will wish they had Baby Groot on their team as the heroes return in a new preview.

The Super Bowl players all get introduced, and during Sunday's big game, so too do the Guardians. The new trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" aired just before kickoff, and introduced the whole "Guardians" lineup, old and new.

Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Yondu, Mantis and Nebula all received an introductory moment, but come on, the quarterback of this game is Baby Groot, who gets to deliver his iconic line, "I am Groot" to a perplexed Yondu.

Thankfully, Rocket clarifies: "He says, 'welcome to the frickin' Guardians of the Galaxy. Only he didn't use 'frickin'."

Also, the Guardians could use a few football helmets, especially Mantis, who takes a full-on block to the head in the trailer's last seconds. Get that concussion protocol out there, we're going to need the full team in playing condition by the movie's international release on May 5.

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