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GTE, UUNet offer national Net access

GTE will offer Internet access nationwide through UUNet Technologies.

GTE is taking its Internet access service nationwide through an agreement announced today with UUNet Technologies.

The company, which until now provided only limited Internet access to customers in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Tampa, Florida, will tap UUNet to provide dial-up and dedicated access in 46 states, beginning immediately.

Like most of the big national ISPs, GTE will offer customers unlimited access for $19.95 per month. The company will also offer a plan with five hours of access for $8.95 per month plus $1.95 for each additional hour. The company will support dial-up access at speeds up to 28.8 kbps for regular modems, dedicated lines at speeds from 56 kbps to 45 mbps, and ISDN access at speeds up to 128 kbps.

Customers of GTE's telephone services will receive a single consolidated telephone and Internet access bill, and a single customer service contact. GTE provides local telephone service in 28 states, and long distance service in 16 states.