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GTA Vice City on iPhone, iPad and Android out today

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is already sitting in Apple's app store, and is expected to arrive on Android before nightfall.

The mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is out today, giving smart phone and tablet owners the chance to nostalgically run people over, and get frustrated at on-screen touch controls.

The iOS version is already sitting pretty on Apple's App Store, priced at £2.99. That means iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners can start playing immediately, and anyone who owns Apple's latest mobile will be chuffed to learn the app is iPhone 5 optimised.

The app hasn't hit the Google Play store yet though, so Android fans will have to wait a little longer. Developers Rockstar did say its latest sized-down game would be available on 6 December for "select iOS and Android devices", so keep an eye on this page, which lists Rockstar's Android apps.

Rockstar's cryptic "select" means the app almost certainly won't work on every Android gadget. Here's hoping key devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and HTC One X are represented, or Google's green robot army could be fuming by sundown.

There are already some reviews on Apple's App Store. One critic writes, "Graphics blew me away," but notes the game "kills battery like mad". Another writes, "The main characters! They have hands! With fingers!" also saying the 80s-inspired murder-a-thon is the "BEST App Store purchase I've ever made."

Have you tried the game? How easy is it to control, and how well does it work on your device? Have your say in the comments or over on our Facebook wall.