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GTA V world map leaks online

A leaked image of the map from the next Grand Theft Auto game shows the incredible scope of the title.

Thanks to a leaked image from a strategy guide, gamers can get a sneak preview of just how big the world is for Grand Theft Auto V.

(Credit: Rockstar)

The strategy guide had, apparently, been sold early by accident, and the image found itself on NeoGaf. From there, a Reddit user picked it up, although the original poster redacted his or her name and pulled the file from Imgur after the post started to get popular.

The scale of Los Santos is, to put it mildly, enormous, easily dwarfing the world of San Andreas. We've also chosen not to include an image of the map, as it's from a strategy guide and contains a lot of information that could be regarded as spoilers. If you want to see it, you'll need to check out the NeoGaf thread.

An unofficial twitter account for GTA V, however, noted that the previous fan attempts to create the map from information available before the leak had been "almost spot on".