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GTA radio hits Spotify and iTunes

Rockstar has re-created the official Grand Theft Auto radio stations as playlists for both Spotify and iTunes.

There are still a few months to go before GTA V arrives on store shelves, but Rockstar seems determined to keep excitement levels high.

(Credit: Rockstar)

The company has now re-created a massive array of its iconic in-game radio stations as playlists for both Spotify and iTunes.

Eight different Grand Theft Auto titles are represented, from GTA III to Liberty City Stories, Vice City and, of course, GTA IV. Sadly, you won't get the fake in-game advertising, but Rockstar suggests people check out its Advertising Council Repository if you need that particular trip down nostalgia lane.

However, Rockstar noted: "This is all the music from these stations that's currently available on each service — some songs don't yet exist on either Spotify or iTunes, but we're hoping to be able to add the original songs within our control where possible, soon."

For a full list of all stations broken down by game, click here. The page also has direct links for the playlists in both Spotify and iTunes.