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GTA Online servers struggle, as single-player save issues are reported

While server connectivity issues abound for multiplayer, some gamers are reporting issues with single-player saves.

The multiplayer update for Grand Theft Auto V has launched and has immediately become a victim of its own popularity — just as Rockstar predicted.

(Credit: Rockstar)

Servers have struggled with the numbers of GTA players trying to get online. GTA V has sold 15 million copies since it went on sale two weeks ago.

Apart from complaints about not being able to access the servers, a number of people have reported that their single-player save games have been "corrupted". We haven't seen any official confirmation of this as a bug, although some speculation has suggested that the issue is a result of cloud save syncing because of the server load.

Rockstar has confirmed the following issues with GTA Online:

  • Occasional "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" error message

  • Freezing sometimes while loading into first race in GTAO, with "waiting for other players" on the screen

  • Intermittent "Failed to Host a GTA Online Session" error messages

  • Race Corona (start area, marker) occasionally not showing up for first race

  • Errors saying "Timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online Session to join"

  • Occasional errors about jobs failing to start or load

  • General issues with the Social Club site and Social Club features (slow loading, failed logins, emails not arriving, etc)

  • Misc network and server-related error messages, disconnections or cloud server errors

  • Errors saying "Mission Failed" as soon as the mission begins, during a session.

Rockstar had warned last week that it anticipated a high load for the multiplayer servers. On its blog, the company said "we are working around the clock to buy and add more servers, but this increased scale is only going to make the first few days even more temperamental than such things usually are."

The GTA Online update also functions as a fix for some bugs in the single-player game, which Rockstar has detailed here.