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GTA 5 voice actor teases something new

Shawn Fonteno posts an image of himself in a motion-capture suit -- what do you think it means?

Shawn Fonteno, who provides the motion-capture and voicework for Grand Theft Auto V central character Franklin, has posted a cryptic image on Instagram that may be a hint that more DLC is coming to the game.

Fonteno posted the image below, with the caption "LOL......," in the late evening of January 11. You'll notice he's in a motion-capture suit, apparently sitting in Rockstar's offices.

LOL ......

A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on

Fonteno doesn't say when this image was taken, and a similar image of himself in a mocap suit was posted back in June, again not saying when the image was shot (via VideoGamer).

The popular speculation in the comments of Fonteno's latest Instagram post is that he's in the studio working on GTA V's long-awaited single-player expansion.

Predecessor Grand Theft Auto IV welcomed two post-release expansions: The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Rockstar has supported GTA V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, with numerous and varied content updates, but fans awaiting single-player DLC have been left wanting.

GTA V is a smash hit, having shipped more than 54 million copies. GTA Online, meanwhile, attracts a player base of around 8 million players every week, according to Take-Two's latest estimates.

What are you hoping to see from GTA V's story DLC? Let us know in the comments below!