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GTA 5 update adds another online mode, kicks off new bonus event

This new mode requires teams to communicate.

Yet another Grand Theft Auto V update is out now, this one focused on bolstering a recent GTA Online feature and introducing yet another mode.

Entourage is a new Adversary mode that involves moving a VIP (known as the Target) across the city. The Target is "well-armored and armed" and needs to be transported by a team of bodyguards to an extraction location. The opposing team simply needs to kill the Target before being extracted. To add an additional wrinkle, the bodyguards have to rely on the Target for information, as only he or she can see the location of the assassins or the extraction point on the radar.

Rockstar also today added a race creator for the Trackmania-esque Stunt Race mode introduced in July. The company has added new races of its own in recent weeks, and it says the total stands at 27. That will soon expand dramatically, as anyone can now build and share stunt races with the GTA Online Creator. Creators can still choose from the usual assortment of options for race types, including Standard, GTA, Rally, and Non-Contact races. A guide to creating these races can be seen on Rockstar's website (PDF link).

Finally, this update brings with it the start of a new bonus event. All Entourage matches will net players double GTA$ and and RP, while tattoos and clothing added in the Cunning Stunts update are 25 percent off.

The next big update for GTA Online may center around bikes or bike gangs, if recently discovered code is any indication.

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