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Grumpy Cat Art Project: Frowny feline becomes fine art

Internet meme star Grumpy Cat gets an artistic makeover from dozens of Alabama artists, resulting in a show and auction of disgruntled-cat creations.

Judson Portzer's Grumpy Cat
Artist Judson Portzer displays his painted-glass Grumpy Cat. Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

A tiny furball with a frown has gone from anonymous feline to worldwide Internet sensation. Grumpy Cat has already conquered the realms of LOLcats, YouTube, Facebook, and SXSW. Now, she has become the star of a real-world art exhibit featuring the work of more than 30 artists.

The Grumpy Cat Art Project is on exhibit at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment complex in Huntsville, Ala., which contains more than 100 different artists in studio spaces, along with small businesses and restaurants. A call went out to the resident artists to contribute to the Grumpy Cat extravaganza, and lots of them stepped up to share their grouchy visions.

The media the artists used to convey the essence of Grumpy Cat are much more varied than the famous feline's expressions. One entry, dubbed "Sir Grumpsalot," was created out of painted glass. There is also a painted rock, a ceramic pottery piece, a paper pulp relief, and a piece of colored chain mail where the links form a portrait.

The artists interpreted Grumpy Cat as jewelry, stained glass, a wax gargoyle, and even as the new star of "Game of Thrones" in a portrait showing the kitty adorned with baby dragons. Much like Helen of Troy, Grumpy Cat may become known as the face that launched a thousand portraits.

The artworks are viewable online and will be going up for sale in an online auction lasting from May 27 through May 31. You may not be able to have Grumpy Cat herself, but you can at least have a fine artistic image of her in your personal collection.