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Grow your greens, and eat them, too

These salad tools look like they could go straight from garden to table.

Dig up. Er, eat up. Yeah. Worldwide Fred

Somehow, with the birth of my fifth child two and a half weeks ago, I have neglected my garden a bit. But when I sent the bigger children outside to gather up the bounty yesterday, they managed to haul in the makings of at least a few salads.

Salad fresh from the garden is a real treat. And what better way to serve it than with these garden salad tools from Fred and Friends? The fork and spoon are styled to look like a gardening rake and trowel.

The tools are crafted from bamboo in a natural finish, so they're earth-friendly and sustainable--you know, just like your garden. They're also low-maintenance and lovely, and every pair is packaged in a gift box.

This set, priced about $20, plus a couple of inexpensive seed packets, would make a fantastic hostess or housewarming gift.