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Grooveshark comes to Facebook, Wordpress

The best free music-streaming site I've found so far now lets you embed songs in your Facebook profile.

If you're not using Grooveshark to try out music on-demand before buying it, you should be. I've found no other service that offers its combination of simplicity, features, and song selection--10 million and growing, according to the organization.

Today, Grooveshark announced a couple of extensions that should increase awareness. If you're on Facebook like most of the world seems to be, Grooveshark Share Song will let you share any song in Grooveshark's database in only three steps. There are other Facebook apps that offer similar features--iLike has been offering full-song playback on Facebook since last August--but Grooveshark is impressive in its simplicity. It doesn't ask you to register. It doesn't try to get you to take quizzes or create playlists or listen to world exclusives. Just type a song name--you can add the artist if you want--then share it with individual friends or post it to your profile, and you're done.

That's really all there is to it.

Grooveshark also released a Wordpress plug-in that lets you post songs to your Wordpress blog, and a new API for its link-shortening service, Tinysong, which makes it easy for anybody with a Web page to create a short, simple link that goes directly to a song on Grooveshark. Simple enough for a rock musician to understand!

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