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Groklaw founder exits open-source firm

Pamela Jones steps down from OSRM, which insures against open-source intellectual property risks.

Pamela Jones, the paralegal who founded the Groklaw Web site that tracks the SCO Group's Linux and Unix litigation, has resigned from a start-up that insures against open-source intellectual property risks. Jones had joined Open Source Risk Management earlier this year to work on a chronology of Unix and Linux code ownership.

Jones said in an online posting that she resigned after hearing that SCO in presentations "twisted my relationship with OSRM to say that it proved that I believe there are substantial IP (intellectual property) risks in Linux." It's an idea she denies, but she didn't want to give SCO any opportunities to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt through her association with OSRM. She will continue the Unix-Linux chronology, she said.