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Grip your jars

If keeping a tight hold on your jars has been a problem, consider Typhoon's innovative Grip-It Storage Canister.

I've had more than one jar go flying across my kitchen when I couldn't keep a good grip on it. Flying storage containers aren't exactly my thing, so Typhoon's Grip-It Storage Canister is a welcome relief. These jars have a stripe around their middle, but it isn't just a design feature. These large silicone bands provide a secure grip for opening and closing your storage containers. As an added bonus, you can write on the band to label the contents: you can simply rub off your notes later on. Typhoon specially designed the new glass storage items as a part of their Grip-It kitchenware line. The Grip-It Storage Container is glass and is available with either red or olive bands and lids. They're all dishwasher-safe and easy to reuse. You can get the Grip-It storage Container in the large (capable of holding 53 fluid ounces), medium (capable of holding 42 fluid ounces) or small (capable of holding 20 fluid ounces) sizes. The prices correspond to size and range from about $7 to about $11 for one jar. These jars are reusable and long lasting, making them solid choices--the small ones are ideal for spices or other small storage.

The Grip-It Storage Canister Typhoon