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Grind out your special spice blend

The Progressive Combine Spice Grinder lets users store and grind their own personal spice blends in one unit.

Keep your blend at the ready. Organize

Cooking is all about individuality. We all have our personal preferences; we tend to gravitate towards certain flavors or cuisines, and when we get behind the stove, our personal styles reveal themselves. Sometimes, that special flair is all a matter of a spice blend.

Homemade spice blends add a distinctive style to your cooking. The Progressive Combine Spice Grinder gives home chefs a place to keep their secret blends handy and ready to grind. A non-corrosive ceramic gear crushes up-to-one tablespoon of dry herbs and spices, catching the results in a measured detachable base. With an adjustable grind mechanism, the convenient table accessory provides all-purpose flavoring always at the ready.

Spice blends are useful for everything from marinades to dry rubs. Releasing the flavors at the last moment maximizes the taste imparted by the blend. Stored herbs and spices lose their efficacy over time, but with a handy grinder by your side, all it takes is a few clicks to get fresh and flavorful spice mixtures.