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Grilling by remote

The Taylor Remote Thermometer keeps an eye on your grilling so you don't have to.

Freedom to roam. Sur La Table

You know how it is when you're grilling: it's easy to lose track of time. While friends and family are over and the drinks are flowing, the simple task of cooking can turn into something of an adventure. All too often this means burnt hot dogs and overdone steaks. Standing guard over the grill isn't always an option, but with a little planning, being untethered doesn't have to mean ruined food.

Buzzing in your pocket like a cell phone, the Taylor Remote Thermometer alerts you to when foods have reached their desired temperature. Great for monitoring temperature-sensitive meats like chicken, beef, or pork, the wireless thermometer keeps you from having to run back to the grill to check on the progress. With a range of 200 feet, and a synchronization light for in-range assurance, even the most distracted of grillers will have a hard time wandering away too far. In addition to an audio alarm, the remote also features vibration and light to alert the user.

The long range of the remote can be useful for more than just keeping track of grilling at backyard parties. During inclement weather, stubborn grillers could get the grill going and then find shelter. As long as you have a covered grill, rain or cold can be rendered meaningless as you grill from the comfort of a window seat. The truly dedicated and the easily distracted might appreciate such usefulness, but it's still probably a good idea to keep an eye on the grill regardless.