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Grill on the go without the fuss, or muss

The EZ Grill is portable and disposable, making grilling just about anywhere an easy option.

The EZ Grill EZ Grill

The EZ Grill is a one-use grill, made entirely from recyclable materials and is entirely recyclable after you're done with dinner. When you open the EZ Grill box, you'll find a foil pan, a stand, a grill grate, and all natural instant charcoal. To get the grill going, you just need to light the corner of the starter sheet--it will burn for about 15 minutes, long enough to get the charcoal going so that you can grill vegetables and meat perfectly. There's no need to add lighter fluid or go through a lengthy process to get the EZ Grill lit. The heat can cook steaks and chicken to perfection just as easily as hot dogs and hamburgers. It will cook for up to 1.5 hours after you've lit it, though it's a good idea to extinguish the coals with water, sand, or dirt when you're finished cooking.

The EZ Grill is available in two sizes: the regular version, which weighs in at 1.81 pounds and costs $4.99; and the party size, which weighs 3.31 pounds and costs $9.99. Either size is easy to carry anywhere that you might want to cook, whether it's in your own back yard or camping. The EZ Grill even makes an ideal option for making dinner during a power outage.