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Grill, griddle, and go

Cuisinart looks to change the course of evolution by incorporating a griddle into the lid of a portable grill.

Finally, an excuse to make pancakes at every meal.
Finally, an excuse to make pancakes at every meal. Bed Bath & Beyond

The enjoyment that one gets from grilling food over an open fire is one that can be traced back to the caveman days. While that primal satisfaction may be reason enough to occasionally fire up the grill, there are plenty of reasons why it would be impractical to solely rely on the cooking methods of our distant ancestors. For one, they didn't have pancakes.

Looking to redraw the lines of cooking evolution, the Cuisinart CGG-080 Griddlin' Portable Gas Grill makes it easy to grill and griddle in the great outdoors. Incorporating a griddle directly into the lid, the propane-powered cooker not only tames fire, but expands the menu while doing so.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be cooked with the one appliance; the portable grill and griddle combination can supply the means to prepare it all. Suitable for everything from camping to tailgating, the tabletop grill features folding legs that transform into a carrying handle. It has more than 160 square inches of total cooking area and a dual-level cooking design, offering room enough to feed a crowd. Or a clan, as the case may be.