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Griffin Twenty is a sleek Bluetooth amplifier

Connecting to a whole range of devices from smartphones to game consoles, the Griffin Twenty is a digital amplifier with 20 watts per channel.

Lexy Savvides/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Need more audio power? A digital audio amplifier can help.

The Twenty is a portable digital amplifier from Griffin that offers plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of devices from smartphones and consoles right through to televisions -- or just plug it in to your existing speakers.

It is the successor to the company's previous portable amplifier (also called Twenty) and, like the name suggests, offers 20 watts per channel. Finished in sleek white, the device sports a minimalist design with a weighted aluminium volume knob so it moves smoothly.

The new Twenty can connect to existing speakers and will stream Bluetooth audio from a smartphone or tablet. There's an included TOSLINK cable to connect to optical devices, or Apple's AirPort Express and Apple TV.

AAC and aptX streaming codecs are on board for high-quality audio, as well as a port to connect to a subwoofer you already own.

The Twenty is available in a variety of different bundles: on its own for US$149; with a speaker bundle for US$249; or a speaker and subwoofer bundle for US$599.