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Griffin PowerDock keeps it all in the iPod family

Griffin's latest iPod docks can power two to four of the music players at a time.

Looks like an iPod family photo Griffin

At first glance it's hard not to snicker at the PowerDock for iPod from Griffin. But then I realized how many families across the country could take advantage of a central charging station. It can charge up to any four iPods with a dock connection simultaneously--including the iPhone. Plus, who doesn't know an iPhone owner who switches between that and a full-size iPod? Just don't expect anything beyond battery charging--that's the PowerDock's one and only function. That said, we wouldn't be surprised to see syncing or audio/video outputs added in future models.

Griffin will offer the PowerDock in two sizes. The four-port model seen above will go for $70 in April, while a two-port version will sell for $50 when it debuts in June.