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Griffin iTrip Universal does FM with USB

CNET's Donald Bell offers his review of the Griffin iTrip Universal rechargeable FM transmitter.

Photo of Griffin iTrip Universal FM transmitter.
The USB-powered Griffin iTrip Universal could be just the thing for broadcasting music around the home.Photo by Donald Bell/CNET Networks

FM transmitters don't see a ton of traction on Crave, and for good reason. Strict regulations over broadcast power and frequency range have effectively stalled product innovation. The designs may change, but most of the new FM transmitters we see are just a rehash of last year's model.

Which is why we're happy to see Griffin's latest iTrip Universal, an FM transmitter with a rechargeable battery that uniquely aims to fill the void of FM transmitters designed for use beyond the car. Sure, the iTrip is as underpowered and interference-prone as any other FM transmitter, but if you're looking for a cheap way to route wireless audio the room, it's hard to beat the iTrip Universal's USB-powered design and $30 price. Read our full review.